Fuel Kitchen & Healthbar offers pre-packaged fresh quality foods in Houston, Texas. Each of our menu items are based on a long held philosophy that food that’s good for you should taste great, too. When you bite into food that contains a lot of flavor, moisture and texture, your stomach sends a nerve impulse to the brain that makes you feel full and satisfied. Fuel has created a healthy menu that tastes great, so you can enjoy what you eat and receive all the benefits of food that will also make you leaner.

At Fuel we only use the highest quality ingredients. We only use 100% hormone-free breast meat. Our beef is all natural, hormone free and raised on grass high in Omega 3s.  We strive to use the highest quality ingredients because we care about the foods you put into your body.  We don’t just want our clients to be leaner, but we also want you to be healthier. If you don’t have time to cook, or simply need a few quick and easy meals to supplement your diet each week, Fuel is here for you.  Whatever your needs are, we have something for you.  Stop by today and see what Fuel can do for you!


Fuel Kitchen and Health Bar was founded on a very simple principle: to provide high quality prepared foods which have outstanding nutritional values and great tastes, and to promote healthy living for athletes and all others who desire to acheive or maintain healthy, lean eating habits.


We seek to acheive our mission through knowledgeable, helpful employees who live the lifestyle we promote, who operate as a single team, and who take personal ownership of the success of our customers in achieving their personal nutritional goals.

fuel-kitchen-waughFuel Kitchen & Healthbar is conveniently located in central Houston. You will find our team extremely knowledgeable on our products and the contents of our products. We strive to offer the best quality foods possible. We offer a wide variety of healthy prepackaged foods and fresh made items including:

  • – Cleansing Juice
  • – Fresh Made Juice
  • – Refreshing Smoothies
  • – Paleo Meals
  • – Gluten Free
  • – Low Calorie Meals
  • – Vegetarian
  • – Healthy Desserts
  • – Wheatgrass
  • – Healthy Snacks