Are You Carb Sensitive?

If I had to guess, I think most people would say that they are carb sensitive, especially in relation to fat loss. Meaning that they think consuming carbs hinders their weight loss more than it does most other people. I’m here to tell you carbohydrates are not the enemy! There is truth that some individuals are less tolerant to carbs than others and they will struggle with fat loss on a high carb diet. However the percentage of people who are truly carb sensitive compared to what people actually think is far lower in my opinion.

Think of protein as the key to building and maintaining muscle, while carbs and fats are sources of energy. Staying active is key, whether you choose to lift weights, run, cycle or all of the above. The reality is with the correct approach you should be able to get lean without dropping your carbs too low, in most instances. Like I said some people will respond better to lower carb, high fat diets but before you resign yourself to the fact you can’t get lean with carbs this article is for you.

Improving your tolerance to carbs begins with having the correct overall diet in place. For instance, having enough fiber in place to help blunt the insulin response from each meal is crucial. This alone drastically improves your ability to break down carbohydrates properly and use them as an energy source, opposed to storing them as fat.

Including some essential fatty acids rather than completely avoiding them is also important, because along with fiber they help slow down the digestion process so your body has more time to utilize the energy and avoid aggressive spikes in blood sugar levels.

The same goes for protein, you should always include a lean protein source in your meals. Protein does slow digestion and blunts the insulin spike cause by carbs, but it also promotes and builds muscle. Muscle helps us in our daily activity, and who doesn’t want more muscle?!

The quality of your carbs is also so important, for instance avoiding inferior options like high fructose corn syrup which can blunt insulin sensitivity which in turn over time can make you more resistant to carbs. This is why I always advocate a diet dense in natural quality foods.

These key points will all contribute towards you getting leaner while maintaining at least a moderate intake of carbs throughout the week. This is because they all support improved insulin sensitivity which is key to utilizing carbs effectively.

It goes without saying this must be in the context of a calorie deficit and I’d also recommend in most cases cycling your carb intake to stimulate your metabolism and exercise more specific calorie control.

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-Tim Frost, IFBB Pro

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