Ylianna Guerra is the current Miss Texas USA 2015. Be sure to watch as she competes for Miss USA live on NBC this spring.





Eric Turner got his start in fitness from watching his grandfather work out in his garage gym at a very young age.  Growing up in the mountains, fitness and outdoor activities were always an important part of Eric’s life.  An avid fly fisherman, snowboarder, and hiker, Eric has always made it a point to remain active.

At the age of 24, a photographer approached Eric and asked him to participate in a photoshoot for an art book- and Eric’s involvement in modeling began.  That modeling has landed him multiple domestic and international magazines both as a cover model and contributor, and has allowed him to travel the world and eventually settle in Houston.
His modeling and fitness is motivated by his strong desire to constantly better himself.  He’s an NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and an amateur bodybuilder.  He also runs a successful fitness and nutrition blog.  But don’t be fooled into thinking he’s a one trick pony.  Eric’s other past times involve: running his own very successful men’s underwear line; he’s a classically trained singer and pianist; and he is the proud daddy of 3 very rambunctious Jack Russell Terriers, which keep him very, very active.





My career as a Fitness Model began in 2012 a professional photo shoot with Stretch Photos. I then went on to work with Publisher and Photographer Jeff Kutscher and Flex Photos then in February of 2014 Luis Rafael Photography. My future projects include working with Pat Lee in Chicago and the “King of Covers” Jason Ellis.

AWARDS:  NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer, AED/CPR Certified




Randy entered his first show in the late fall of 2012, which was a Team Qualifier, and placed.  His second show was the Arnold Amateur in 2013 and he was one of only four Americans in the Top 10.  Randy then placed at his first National Qualified in the Spring of 2013 (the First Phil Heath Classic) and began competing nationally in the summer of 2013.  Around this time, he began shooting for some of the best male fitness photographers in the business, including Pat Lee, Alan Spiers, Jay Fuertes and Luis Rafael.  He continued competing in 2014 at National Shows.  In 2015, he entered the Greater Gulf States Amateur Event where he won 2nd in the Physique Open Division and 3rd in the Physique Masters Division.  He then competed at Team Universe in New Jersey, where he placed 5th nationally.  His next show, the Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA, was a big one for him.  He became the Masters National Champion (D Class 35+) and thereby became an IFBB Professional Athlete.  He is one of the five male physique IFBB Pros in Houston (along with Team FUEL Teammate Tim Frost).  He then traveled back to Pittsburgh in early September 2015, and placed 3rd in his First Pro Show, competing against some of the best IFBB Physique Professionals from Latin America, Mexico, and Canada.  He has one more show planned for 2015, in Los Angeles, in October and then he plans to go into the off season to prepare for the 2016 season.  His plans are to work hard enough to one day qualify to compete at the Olympia.





Tim Frost is an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitor in Houston, TX. Before earning pro status at the NPC/Team Universe competition in NJ, Tim competed on the NPC National level for three years placing Top 5 five times and Top 10 twice. He began his competitive career with NPC Texas, first as in the Bodybuilder competition placing 2nd and 3rd at large state shows, before transitioning to Physique and winning The Adela Garcia Classic and The Branch Warren Classic. Tim has been mentored by the best in the industry including nutritionist Keith Klein, IFBB Pro John Sherman and IFBB Pro Sadik Hadsovick.

Outside of the bodybuilding world, Tim is a professional IT and Communications consultant representing the world’s largest Oil & Gas companies including Shell Oil, Chevron, BP, Marathon Oil and more. He understands the unique challenges of maintaining and working within the professional world while adhering to strict nutrition plans and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Tim is a IFBB Pro athlete sponsored by Fuel Kitchen and Health Bar and by Symbolic Muscle, LLC.